Monday, 30 March 2009


Cybersafety is a way to be safe on the internet. Cybersafety is probably the best thing for young kids who to learn for safety on the internet. I will now mention the top ten Cybersafety rules:

1. Never mention your name
2. Saying someone is bad at something is cyberbulling
3. Writing in capitals means shouting (can be offensive)
4. Lol means laugh out loud (could be offensive)
5. Never mention your address/phone number
6. Never meet anyone off the internet
7. Never accept anyone's personal information
8. Calling someone a name is against cyber safety
9. Don't swear as it can be called an offence
10. Never ask a stanger out on the internet because for all you know it could be a ten year old not a fifteen or so year old.

Now you know the rules you should obey them for the safety of yourself and others as well. Do the right thing!

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  1. I am delighted you are taking cybersafety so seriously. As I said to you in class, I am not entirely sure all the things mentioned are cybersafety rules, but I appreciate your intentions which included being thoughtful and polite whilst also being cybersafe. :-)
    You are fabulous and I love my new horse!