Saturday, 23 January 2010


Nature, a important thing to the earth. Without nature we would not have our houses, our furniture or our clothes. Nature rewards us with ways to make timber, fabric, food and a lot more things that we couldn't live without.

But here is what I want to ask, what do we give nature in return?

My answer is that we don't give nature very much in return. In fact, all I can think of as what we give nature in return, is replanting trees in forests that have been chopped down.

Now, after adapting to luxury life styles, no one cares about what damage we have done to our only planet's nature. Polar ice caps are melting, toxic fumes released into the atmoshpere, litter being thrown into lakes, rivers and oceans. We are living in our own waste and it is up to US to stop the damage. There is no one else that can help stop the damage, not cats, not dogs, and not any other animals.

I know by now, you might be thinking, how can I help? I'm just 1 of 6 billion people in the world! Well, you can. You could start by using your car less, recycling, saving power by turning off electronics after use or using natural lights. There are many ways of saving the Earth, and just remember, every little bit makes a difference.

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